Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emailing: The Mombasa Municipal Council's lastest project....!, Digging up for a so-called road and inconveniencing the residents, MP Joho's palatial residence on the left where there's is ample space for his numerous cars to come and go, but, for the res

Since Independence or rather before, when this estate was built, the roads within it have never been maintained or paved. Now, suddenly our Council has decided to do so and are greatly inconveniencing the neighbourhood in the process. They have neither common courtesy nor are they aware of the law to have informed us that this is what they are planning on doing and what we should or should not do or how it will restrict our movements.

And is all this being done for the convenience of the two questionable politicians living in our midst who seem to be under the impression that they can ride roughshod over other residents? Why is the track only wide enough for one car at a time to pass? Which town planner has dreamt this up?

This morning, I was literally harassed and threatened by these so-called Council workers including the Councillor, Kushe, that if I did not remove my car forthwith, they would get a tow truck and remove it forcibly. It had no effect on them when I told them that I'm disabled and cannot go up and down staircases (I live on the 2nd floor), at their whim and would remove the car as soon as I was ready to go out which was going to be in another hour or two. So, while I was getting ready to leave, these Council thugs persistently kept setting off my car alarm over and over again. Why? Couldn't they have followed the law and common courtesy of informing the residents that such an activity was going to take place and we should co-operate with them in this exercise? But, no. Our semi- and illiterate Council employees and Councillors, are under the impression that they are God's gift to everybody and are beholden to them and should be at their beck and call. If these are the kinds of 'servants' of the people who have been elected, then, only God can help this country.

This evening, when I got back home at about 5.45 pm, the whole place has been dug up with no place for me to park! The whole estate is full of ditches and stones and highly dangerous for a disabled person like me to negotiate. Since, there is no place to park anymore, I had to literally reverse (there's no place to turn the car, either), and go to a friend's place who lives about a block away and request her to let me park my car in her compound. This she did and her husband was also good enough to drive me back since I cannot negotiate walking over all those sharp stones and ditches without falling. As it is, I had a very bad fall this afternoon where I missed a few steps and have hurt my head, neck and legs.

My neighbours, including the MP, Joho and Councillor Kushe, all know of my many disabilities, yet, they have done nothing but derived warped pleasure at my predicament. So, for now, I cannot leave my house till some kind of order is restored to this estate.

And while they are building a so-called road/lane, what is the Council (officialdom), doing about the contentious truck/tractor and junk yard whose monstrosities when driven out, will, again reduce this supposed 'road' to smithereens as the previous one was?

Is it possible for this awful and lawless country's supposed 'leaders', to ever think about the consequences of their thoughtless actions?


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The Mombasa Municipal Council's latest project....!
Digging up for a so-called road and inconveniencing the residents
MP Joho's palatial residence on the left where there's is ample space for his numerous cars to come and go, but, for the rest of the residents there's just a one car track
The digging has gone right up to the contentious truck park
Two parallel ropes laid out near my car and the workers and their supervisor are threatening to have my car towed away.

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