Thursday, March 5, 2009

My experiences at our Immigration offices, today

1. I went with the duly filled and signed forms that I had downloaded from our Immigration website and printed from the Internet. But, the receiving official at the Customer Care desk refused to accept them saying that I HAD to get the forms (they are/were no different from the ones I had printed and filled), from them (by force?!), and was compelled to fill them up, yet, again.

2. When I objected, a whole lot of 'immigration officials' suddenly materialized and started using threatening tactics by telling me to leave and not make noise or they would call the askari!

3. Due to all this hullabaloo, time was wasted and despite filling up 'their' form, again, they would not continue with the processing as it was, now, their lunch time. They told me to go and come back at 2.00 pm.

If, downloading, printing and filling these forms from the Immigration website is not acceptable to your immigration 'officers', why make this allowance on the web page?

Is this some kind of racket to force us to pay the extra 40/-? If so, why?

Since I am disabled, why aren't these 'officers' sensitized about dealing with such as well as the old and the sick?

I ended up forcefully sitting there till 2.00 pm when the only sympathizing person there called Naomi, promptly dealt with my forms and I was out of there around 2.30 pm. I had ended up sitting there for over 2 hours!

Now, our GoK, claims that their offices are 'e-govt'. If so, why this attitude from their 'employees'? They, like our Municipal Council, might be having computers, etc., but haven't started using them to their full potential. And they might as well be living in pre-computer days and not in the 21st Century and in the process neither the attitude of these 'officials' nor their thinking has changed an iota, unfortunately.

Please, help,

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