Thursday, August 26, 2021

Airtel and it's CreditControl....

For the past two days I have been having a terrible time trying to convince Airtel and its creditcontrol that I am up-to-date with my payments. 

I subscribe to their post-paid unlimited internet. 

Despite, having given them my bank's reference numbers regarding the payment, they still disconnect me every day and I keep getting their phantom 'bills' telling me that I am in debt to them for the month of July 2021.

Does Airtel's accounting dept., really work? One wonders why they are conducting business in this mafia-like manner! I spent HOURS yesterday being kept off-line while they kept insisting that I had not paid for the month of July and even after having given them the reference numbers from the bank for three months, they are not convinced, and I got another 'reminder' to pay late in the evening yesterday, long after working hours. 

After wasting so many hours yesterday in unproductive hassles of heated arguments with Airtel, they finally reconnected me way beyond working hours and this morning the saga started again!

I got disconnected and after making hectic calls seem to have got reconnected again......, but for how long, I wonder.

Can Airtel please get its act together and stop harassing their subscribers in such a manner? It is not the fault of the subscriber if their accounts are not registering the payment?

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