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Living Islam: The Abode of Peace- My Small Town | The Muslim Times: A Blog to Foster Universal Brotherhood

Living Islam: The Abode of Peace- My Small Town | The Muslim Times: A Blog to Foster Universal Brotherhood:

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Re: National Geographic issues....

Subsequent to the email I wrote, below, on the 23/6/2012, I finally got my June 2012 edition of National Geographic. The condition that it came in leaves a lot to be desired, too. It is also a whole month or more from the time that I should have received it.

For some reason (paranoia?), best known to POSTA, they had opened the envelope despite it saying on it what it contained. But, this too, can be excused if it wasn't for the fact that they
have opened it in the most uncouth manner and then taped up their shoddy job. In other words, it has been mutilated. Why?

Cannot POSTA employees READ what it says on the cover? And even if they, being paranoid, HAD to open it, could they not do it in a more neater manner?

Is this the reason for it's late arrival? Which means that POSTA has been 'investigating' and sitting on our subscriptions for over a month!

Is the issue of July 2012 suffering the same fate? And are we going to get it late, too? And how many more issues are going to be vetted like this and for what reason?

For the information of POSTA, this magazine does not contain anything dangerous other than dispelling IGNORANCE, which some of the employees of POSTA seem to be seriously suffering from!

Please, make sure that we get our magazines intact, unmutilated and ON TIME, henceforth.


On 6/23/2012 2:44 PM, Raziya wrote:

The following Nairobi address which distributes National Geographic magazine to its various subscribers in the country seems to be very inefficient in doing its work ....

National Geographic

c/o P.O. Box 36389
City Square - 00200

While, at least, one book store in Mombasa (Paper Connections, City Mall), has the June 2012 issue on its shelves, why is it that I being one of the subscribers since YEARS, have got neither the June issue or the coming July one. Btw, I usually get my issues in the 2nd or 3rd week of the preceding month, i.e. I should have got my June issue in May. This still has not arrived!

The reason I'm sending this to all the POSTA addresses is because, one of their senior staff in the GPO Mombasa, after getting the the distributor's address from me (it's always printed on the cover), tried getting their phone and/or email address from the City Square branch of POSTA so that we could follow this matter up, but, despite being a fellow senior staff here, they refused to give him this information. Why such secrecy?

And then POSTA has the temerity to increase it's rental rates in leaps and bounds. How dare they when their 'services' leave a lot to be desired!

Hence, my copying this email to the NG International customer service, too, so they know all the circumstances behind late and missing issues. The last time I'd missed my issue was April 2012 and the following was their response when I'd reported the matter online at their website. That one has mercifully already arrived, the one that was resent, not the original one. That one is still somewhere 'out there'!!!

So, why is POSTA, City Square, Nairobi, being so uncooperative?

Can the people concerned, please, deal with this problem, asap?!

Fed up of missing issues,

On 4/26/2012 5:47 PM, NGS Customer Service wrote:

 Amsterdam, 26/04/2012                                                                                     Your membership number: 419308887           Dear MS RAZIYA MOHAMEDALI           Thank you for your e-mail.          We are sorry to hear that you have missed an issue of the magazine. On checking our records    it appears as though all of the magazines due to you have been dispatched in routine. As    requested, we have arranged to dispatch a replacement issue today. Please allow 2-3 weeks    for delivery. Should the original eventually arrive this may be kept with our compliments.          Thank you for your interest in National Geographic. If we can be of any further assistance,    do not hesitate to contact us or consult your online customer service page at www.ngmservice.   com.           Exceptional customer service is our number one priority. If at anytime you feel you're not    receiving this level of service, please feel free to contact my supervisor Paul Wilson, by    email at ngmsupervisor@custserv.com.          Yours Sincerely            National Geographic Society           You can access your account information online, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, at www.   ngmservice.com.  You can change an address, check on your expiration date, report missing    issues, renew an account and refer to a complete set of Frequently Asked Questions.   Just    go to www.ngmservice.com and click on MEMBERS OUTSIDE THE US AND CANADA. You may gain access    by using your account number or entering your name and address as it appears on the    addressing label.  Be sure to include your email address to complete the sign on.          Follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/natgeo      or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/natgeosociety 

An article in the Weekend Star of June 23-24, 2012

An article on Classic relationships with Maina and Mwalimu needed another response than the ones they got from the women and one man about naming children after a mother's name rather than the father's.

While I agree with the fact that most of the types of men those women are talking about are total nincompoops, it still does not justify them naming their children after themselves rather than their biological fathers.

Now, before the Kenyan female public out there starts thinking that I'm anti-feminist, I'm not!

Let me give you my reasons...

It is so strange that the non-Muslims among us are forever looking down critically on the fact that Muslims are allowed to marry their cousins.

If, those responders to that article will just think about what their giving their own (female), surnames to their children will lead to.

How many of these women keep track of the men who fathered their children? Because, what they sow out there after they leave these women, will also biologically and legally be their off-springs' siblings....., won't they?

Therefore, while they are critical of Muslims being allowed to marry their cousins, how do they ensure that their children will not get married to their fellow siblings about whose existence they know nothing?!

Which brings me to the matter on hand. By giving the child the original biological father's name they will ensure that their children do not get married to their unknown brothers and/or sisters in the future.

If anybody noticed in that article - there was not a single Muslim who responded. According to Islam, come what may, the child has to be given the biological father's name and the above is one of the reasons for doing so as well as from a legal point of view.

Meaning that the child will carry it's original father's name even if his/her mother marries, again and not the step-father's name. Again for legal and moral reasons. Of course, the children from both sides of this partnership in marriage would be considered siblings and will not be able to marry.

So, can these women please, stop this disgusting practice of giving their surnames to their children instead of their original fathers? 

The consequences are quite sick.

Ramadan Tips for Western Muslims | The Muslim Times: A Blog to Foster Universal Brotherhood

Ramadan Tips for Western Muslims | The Muslim Times: A Blog to Foster Universal Brotherhood:

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