Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Campaign racket

As I  write this, we, in this residential area of Nyali (near Cinemax), are being inundated with an unbelievably ear-splitting campaign racket coming from the main road. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY come rain, hail or shine. 

We, the residents are least interested in this kind of 'banana republic type' of campaigning that our useless, brainless and idiotic so-called politicains have of trying to get themselves votes from us.

Since we cannot engage them with our questions on what they stand for, etc., most of us WILL NOT BOTHER TO vote for such insensitive and disturbing politicians, most of whom are a 'recycled' lot who care NOTHING for law and order or justice!

Can the present, nearly on the way out (hopefully), politicians still holding office, please do their final service to the residents of Mombasa by getting rid of these noise polluters, please?