Thursday, June 5, 2014

A plea to the government...

I think most Kenyans are going to agree with me when I plead with our government to PLEASE get rid of Kenya Power completely and hire a whole new lot who are accountable, ethical, honest, responsible people who will start laying the foundation of using affordable, renewable energy unlike the extremely 'ugly' outfit that is currently holding the whole country to 'ransom' with the monopolistic attitude and practice.

While they might have advertised in the papers that Nyali residents were going to lose power from 7.00 am till 6.00 pm, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Yes, we did lose power promptly at the said time, but like what happens EVERYTIME that such times of restoration are given, they  are unfortunately NEVER adhered to and we always end up with outages that last for 10 or more hours!

Take the latest one of yesterday - we were treated to the 'dark ages' for over 15 HOURS!!!! And as though this  was not enough, after a couple of  hours of respite, we were plunged into a time warp, again, at just after 1.00 am (midnight). The reason given was that due to their massive 'work' that was done during the 15 hours of outage, the work had been done in a shoddy manner and one of the connections caught fire. It took them an hour to restore supply.

Then, since morning, we have lost power at least two times and both times the reasons were that the previous day's work was being rectified.

We really dread reading these advertisements in the paper that a particular area would be losing power on a particular day. It is becoming nightmarish reading them since we know what they entail.

What we would like to know is that why does this awful company employ half-baked 'professionals' who barely know their job?

Then to make matters worse, their quality of 'service' is inversely proportional to their extremely hiked up tariffs. How dare they keep increasing their rates during such extremely trying times? 

We are truly FED UP of this disgusting  power company. Please get rid of the whole lot of them and replace them with the above mentioned people. The current lot will never help in getting our country to become industrialized by 2030 or even by the end of the century!!!!