Sunday, June 11, 2017

Irresponsible KPLC!

Our power company is quite irresponsible not to mention unaccountable. Of course, since the company is made up of employees, it is these that give the company  a bad name.

I have been calling them since the 2nd week of June regarding a fallen concrete power pole at the corner of Eldama Ravine rd. and Parklands Ring rd. both of which have been under construction since over a year in Nairobi, but NOTHING has been done about it......, yet.

This pole is obstructing traffic as it is smack at a corner and part of it in the middle of the road with wires sticking out at one end which can hurt someone and/or damage cars if they are not careful. As it is, the roads under construction are already creating problems for road users in the area and this fallen power pole is adding to it. If anybody wants to view it, it is outside Mystique Gardens.

Though this road is supposed to be a two way road, drivers and pedestrians have to be extremely careful they don't hit those sticking out wires! Also, there is added danger at night since all of these roads have no street lights and if was not for the private residences, etc., who illuminate the area after dark by having lights along their perimeter walls and gates, this pole and the awful roads under construction since over a year, would be reporting disasters every so often.

What is the matter with the KPLC engineer of this area, Mr. Daniel Okumu, who has been assuring me umpteen numbers of times that they are going to remove it, but still has not done so?

When I first contacted him, he told me that they would have a look at it. One wonders what he meant by this.... Is it an adverse tourist attraction?!

The next time, he told me that he would have it removed, but nothing changed. 

And the last time I talked with him on Thursday, 8th June, he assured me that it would be removed the following day and also told me rudely that I could write about it if I wanted and make him famous, if he had not removed it on Friday!

Well, I am now doing so, in the hope that somebody more responsible than him will take the matter up and have this offensive pole removed as it is a disaster waiting to happen....